Americas First Genderless Clothing Line: IDNTY



We wanted our first blog to be one of excitement and encouragement. We know things are really crazy and sad, but We want to tell the world, especially our friends in Ukraine and Russia, that our hearts, minds, and souls are with you. This is not the end. Instead of being angry, divisive, worried, and scared today let's do something different. What do we have to lose? Just for today, let's park hate, competition, greed, fear, worry, and anger. Let us love each other instead, what do you think? Childish? Maybe. But maybe we could use a little childish right now. WE ARE ALL WE HAVE.

See, we feel better already-- on to the news.

Dopeness has arrived. 

Gros Americain Drapier has always felt that it was vital that we had a clothing line that was inclusive to everyone. We have gone to great lengths to research, understand, and embody what it would be like to live on a planet without the stipulations of race, religion, money, sex, and politics. It's an impossible but fantastic place. It has become our passion project.

We are so very excited to introduce you to IDNTY. 100% inspired by the torture and murder of the LGTBQ community worldwide, IDNTY aims to help fund LGBTQ non-profits. Why?

IDNTY is the first genuinely genderless clothing and apparel line where proceeds are donated to worthy non-profits who are actually taking action to sanctuary our friends and family members who are being violated and murdered because of their sexual identity. It's BULLSHIT that any human is bullied or murdered, let alone being done because of one's sexual identity. If we can't stop the tyrants from hurting this unique community, we need to fund projects that protect them. This is one way we plan to do that. So anywhere you see the IDNTY logo at our store, just know that the item proceeds go straight to helping those in need. Pretty freaking cool. 

Did you know that what makes Gros Americain Drapier unique is that anything sold within our store has a caused attach to it? We are the first for-profit, non-profit business model on the planet. We give our corporate earnings away. All of our lines, from I, AM PUNK (artist-based cause) to INTL PLBY have a genuine reason and story behind them, and proceeds go to a hella brighter tomorrow. We will get there. 

Finally, We believe in kindness, love, positivity & humanity. If you do not embrace this viewpoint or the causes we support PLEASE DO NOT BUY OUR PRODUCT. This is clearly not for you.


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