Gros Americain Drapier is a sustainable home goods retailer based out of Los Angeles, CA . Our vision has been cultivated by dedicated artists, thinkers, and doers. Our focus is to provide quality art from artist Joshua Robbins and his close firends. To this end, our sole purpose is to muse you with a unique combination of product, creativity & cultural engagement produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

Gros Americain Drapier, not only on the quality of the product, but the purity of the product as well. We also focus on being an ethical sustainable home brand.

But what does that mean?

He believes a consciously made, sustainable home goods brand is made up four major characteristics:

1. An ethical, conscious brand makes sure they positively impact people, the environment, planet, as well animals.

2. An ethical brand makes sure its workers are treated fairly across the supply chain, no matter what their title is. Fair treatment includes policies and practices on child labor, forced labor, safety, unionizing, and the right to earn a livable wage.

3. An ethical brand cares about its use of resources and energy in hopes to reduce its carbon emissions as well as increase efficacy. The brand monitors impact on our waterways, as well as the use and disposing of chemicals, properly.

4. Finally, an ethical brand uses no animal products such as wool, leather, or down feathers. Ideally, the brand should be 100% vegan.

Gros Americain Drapier is a true sustainable home goods pioneer, with our collections of neoexpression, abstract expressiion, mixed media, contemporary expresssin, and urban contemporary prints and originals.  

Welcome to Gros Americain Drapier.