Customer Loyalty, Diversity, Honesty & Creativity is what we value the most.

Gros Americain is a "project" that was created by Neoexpressionist Joshua Robbins (Amdgarte) of Los Angeles, California in 2017. Robbins known for his edgy style and expressive content wanted to bring a different type of business the market that could serve the public not only commercially, but culturally as well.  Enter the anti non-profit. 

Most non-profits are top heavy with under-qualified individuals. This creates a huge barrier between those that are helping and those that are being helped. This is especially prevalent when it comes to homelessness, drug addiction, and human trafficking. Due to money misappropriations, politics, budgets, under qualified personnel and other restrictions, most non-profits have rendered useless and ineffective at their purpose.  This includes religious organizations such as churches to. They would look good and lose than bad and win. In the end the cause becomes muddied,  the org losses focus of their objective, and nothing changes.  The people lose.  THAT SUCKS.

The Arteboxx was initially supposed to be a non-profit but because homelessness, drug addiction, and human trafficking sit heavily on Josh's heart, he felt he couldnt hand over something as beautiful and organic as the Arteboxx to a board. This is his plan B.

The whole purpose of this store is simple; generate enough revenue to support the Arteboxx.  What is the Arteboxx? The Arteboxx is a collective group of artists who get together every Saturday in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Laguna (LA COMING SOON) and set up table, table easels, supplies, and a quick health snack for housing challenged creatives a safe, drug free environment where they can paint and create for two hours. This is all done outdoors in Southern California. 

Our of the Arteboxx came four values that Joshua took to heart and has applied these values to the culture at Gros Americain Drapier.   Those four values are customer loyalty, diversity, honesty, and creativity. The core values are responsible for the creation of this friendly and welcoming culture, which has seen Gros Americain Drapier rise as one of the trendiest emerging players in the fashion sector.